LineStorm is a hands-on animation experience, in which participants brainstorm with a moving line, bringing their ideas to life. LineStormers create a personalized group animation project on an issue of major importance to their community, such as conflict resolution, diversity, or social responsibility. Engaged in creating original animated sequences, LineStormers rediscover the thrill of breathing life into still images. And all through their LineStorm project, participants focus intently on the clearest, most effective way to present their material. Every step of the process, they examine their topic at great depth. Thus, building a LineStorm animation project becomes a powerful medium for education and understanding.

When groups build a LineStorm project, process and result are tangible. Everything is visible and open, as participants use math, teamwork, problem-solving and persuasion skills in amusing and unlikely ways. Combining hand-rendered animation with digital technology, LineStormers harness the tremendous energy of animation's essential impetuosity. And their understanding of how animation works, image by-image, gives them the tools and inspiration to address major social issues through animation and design.

LineStorm merges traditional and computer animation to explore and clarify topics for schools, colleges, museums and corporate retreats. LineStorm's award-winning projects screen for wide audiences via video, DVD, the internet, cable and broadcast TV.

LineStorm is a tremendous program. It gives participants the tools and inspiration to address major social issues using animation and design. Everyone loves it!”

— Dorothy Dunn, Education Director,
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,
Smithsonian Institution




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