A lively group experience, LineStorm reduces the time-intensive animation process to its essentials. From fun, inventive transition exercises to their final sequences, participants learn a variety of animation techniques and delight in bringing their ideas and drawings to life. A simple computer program edits everyone’s work into a seamless whole, synchronizing it to sound.

LineStorm programs can be as short as an hour, as long as 15 weeks, depending upon your schedule and the complexity of the project. We come to your museum, college, school or company with a miniature animation studio, complete with traditional and digital tools—lightboxes, pens, paper, reference images and computer. We put the power of animation right into your hands.

We teach your group or class all the steps to make their ideas dance across the screen. LineStormers work as a team to understand their topic, clarify their concept, analyze, sketch, storyboard, draft—and animate! LineStorm projects come alive for a wide audience via video, DVD, websites, cable or broadcast TV.

Low cost digital technology now makes it practical to produce and assemble a highly controlled Digital Flipbook project, using inexpensive materials like index cards and fiber point pens, a low-end laptop computer and digital camera. Examining a Flipbook and comparing its physical and digital states helps students understand the concise underlying structure of time-based art, computer programs, and the connection of sequential elements in processes and systems great and small. When created collaboratively and encoded in the computer, Digital Flipbooks form a powerful learning tool, presenting images and ideas first to the animators, then to a wide audience via DVD or the internet.



“LineStorm is
the best example of
we’ve ever seen.”

— Ron Berger,
Education Rounds
Project Zero,
Harvard University




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